Author: Philosophical Babies


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At 26, Hulda van Dusen’s life seems to be closing in on her. She’s spent the last five years hiding at home with her beloved Grandpapa, but now he’s gone—and she’s expected to take over, not only the family business, but leadership of the local Assembly of witches. But then things get even worse: Hulda is stuck in the house during a snowstorm with her genius brother, pyromaniac sister, and a very confused police detective, while a monster outside howls for their blood. …And that’s just the beginning. Together, they find themselves thrown into an adventure that might just teach Hulda to live again—if it doesn’t kill her first.

This book was written by long-time Tumblrites @artekka and @spark-of-jenius, who met on Tumblr through artekka’s fan-blog @askcraneandmills!

Our new book is out! I’m so excited!!!

Margaret Mead

Thomas Carlyle

Sydney J. Harris (journalist)

Robert Benchley

Friedrich Nietzsche

Miguel de Cervantes

Mark Twain

Marcus Aurelius

HL Mencken